‘LOVE YOUR PET DAY’ How much do we love our pets?

‘LOVE YOUR PET DAY’ How much do we love our pets?

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 20 February 2021 is ‘Love your Pet Day’ and a great reason for showing our pets just how much we love them! Pet insurance providers The Insurance Emporium had an independent survey* of over a thousand pet owners carried out to see how much people loved their pets and how they showed passion for their pet. 

 Given the UK’s reputation for being a nation of pet lovers, perhaps it is not totally surprising that a staggering 39% of pet owners in the survey said they loved their pet more than people generally!  Almost a quarter (23%) said they loved their pet more than their friends, and perhaps shockingly, almost a fifth (19%) said they loved their pet more than their spouse!  

 And the surprises didn’t end there. 18% said they loved their pawsome pets more than their own family, with 16% even going so far as to say they loved their pets more than their children.  Parents did not come off unscathed either, with 11% saying they loved their pets more than their parents. Ouch. 

 Asked how they demonstrated their love in practice, most people (71%) did this by giving the pet edible treats such as biscuits and chews. Other popular ways of showing some love included giving pets extra attention (68%) and new toys (57%).  Some bought their pets special food or took them out on a trip to their special place, such as the park, beach or river. Some bought new pet bedding and clothes or even booked a pamper session for their furry friend.  

Sadly, 3% said they did not show love to their pet at all.

 When it came to spending on pets, over half (53%) said that the most they’d ever spent on treating their pet on one single occasion was between £11 and £50.  5% had spent between £251 and £500 in one go.  And the most pampered pet of all had cost its owner a whopping £3000 on just one occasion!

 It seems that pets occupy their owners’ thoughts for quite a lot of the day.  97% admitted that they thought about their pet up to 50 times a day.  Only a tiny 1% admitted to not thinking about their pet even once a day. 

 Chief Executive Officer of The Insurance Emporium, provider of pet insurance, Francis D. Martin, said:

“Whether it’s our canine companions or feline friends, it seems that our pets are very well loved here in the UK.  I for one will be treating my dog and two cats to some special treats to celebrate national ‘Love Your Pet Day’ on 20 February.  And if you don’t have your own pet at home, why not help an animal welfare or rescue charity.  As providers of award-winning** pet insurance, we are proud of our partnership work with two dog charities, Medical Detection Dogs and Dogs for Good.  

 For more details of our pet insurance cover, please refer to the Insurance Emporium website at https://www.theinsuranceemporium.co.uk/products/pet  or call their friendly team on 03300 244 005.” 

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