Dr Isla Fishburn: Canine & Human Wellness Practitioner

Dr Isla Fishburn owns Kachina Canine - a conscious wellness company for all of life. She has a BSc in Zoology and a MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology. Isla is passionate about conscious evolution and spiritual ecology, where she brings science and indigenous wisdom together to promote health and wellness for all life, and uses dogs as a model for how we can achieve this. 
Isla has spent several years interacting with large groups of captive wolves, wolf hybrids, wolf dogs and domestic dogs where she learned to apply her knowledge about conservation, wellness and canine biology as well as ceremony and symbolism to educate dog guardians, professionals and researchers about canine wellness, health and conservation. Isla also practises shamanic healing and energy medicine to promote health and stability for humans, as well as dogs. As a canine wellness advocate, Isla focuses on many aspects of a canine to improve and support longevity, happiness, balance and harmony. Her running theme is always on ecosystem conservation, from the individual level up and how we can develop co-creative partnership with the Earth.