WIN A SIGNED COPY: Emotional Healing for Dogs: Combining Bach Flower Remedies and Behaviour Therapy By Lisa Tenzin-Dolma


Win a Signed Copy of 

EMOTIONAL HEALING FOR DOGS: Combining Bach Flower Remedies and Behaviour Therapy By Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Edition Dog Magazine is delighted to share the latest book written by a member of our team, Lisa Tenzin Dolma. Lisa’s latest book, Emotional Healing for Dogs has already received praise from the books readers and it has been in the top 100 bestselling dog care books on Amazon since the day after its release.

In her book Lisa introduces Bach Flower remedies with details on the history and development of these remedies. Importantly the book also explains how the remedies work, how to select the appropriate remedy and essentially how to administer these correctly.

The book also offers the reader an A-Z of the Bach Flower Remedies, including a description of the dog in need of the remedy, details of the indication of need and the physical signs of need. The accompanying section on behaviour therapy allows the reader to explore how to give practical help in the form of behaviour modification through using force-free, reward-based methods.

The depth of information in this section of the book is exceptional in allowing readers to make informed decisions on the suitability of the remedies use for helping their dog.

Available now for £7.99 on Amazon.

“Lisa’s latest book is a must have for every dog owner, a go to guide that you can refer to again and again throughout your dog’s life” Jennifer

GIVEAWAY: We have one copy of the book to giveaway which is signed by Lisa. To enter the giveaway simply complete the contact form with your name and address and tell us why you want the book

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