K9 Organics Competition


Win a bottle of K9 ORGANICS

K9 Organics is 100% Natural, every dog shampoo is Hand Blended in Cheshire with over 98% Certified Organic Ingredients, the remaining is simply water!

Your dog is the ultimate companion. A very hairy companion. His hair is a living diary of the day’s activities, whether it’s a playful romp in a field, a walk in the wet park or a roll in the mud. These things all take their toll on his skin health, so what you choose to apply, or wash your dog’s coat in has never been more important for his wellbeing. Knowing this, the family run company K9 Organics created The Dog’s Collection. The award winning ‘must-have’ in Vogue pet products for clean, ethical, organic grooming. K9 Organics is made with 100% natural, specially selected certified organic ingredients so there are no harsh chemicals or perfumery smells to come between you and your dog. Only your dog’s fresh fur, beautiful subtle hints of essential oils, and you.

The range features favourite shampoo washes such as English Lavender, Country Rose, Orange Blossom, G&T alongside their always anticipated and interchangeable seasonal additions. There is also the highly popular ‘Sensitive’ shampoo without the addition of any added essential oils designed to complement sensitive noses and scent-free preferences. The award winning "Get out of my Hair" bug & flea deterrent comes in a handy sized, all-natural essential spray. All of K9 Organic’s products, including the beautifully smelling Calming spray for anxious dogs are designed to nurture and nourish your dog’s coat and to assist in healing. They are suitable for all dog, puppies and coat types; especially those with skin allergies prone to irritations.

We have 5 bottles of K9 Organics to give away. All you have to do is send us your details using the form and we will pick 5 lucky winners

Entries close on 24thJuly 2019

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