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Memories in Glass combines items of personal and sentimental value with glass jewellery, creating keepsakes and heirlooms to last generations. Every piece is handcrafted from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality available.

You can choose to fuse cremation ashes, fur from your pets, or horsehair into your products. The process can bring peace and comfort when suffering loss, and happiness knowing your loved ones will always be close by.  

The wider range of items we work with, including both ashes and horsehair, sets us aside from many other companies within the market who only work with ashes.

Memories in Glass has a range of products to appeal to your own personal choice.

A charm bead fused with an item of your choice retails at £50 and is available in an array of colours and glass types.

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Memories in Glass is offering one of our readers a Charm Bead (RRP £50) in a colour, glass type and item fused of your choice. To enter simply complete the form on the right with your details and share with us a fond memory of your pet. 


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