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Pont & Pierce came about as a result of our almost obsessive desire to keep our own dogs as healthy as possible. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist for humans, Nicky is fully aware of the benefits and the necessity of consuming the most natural diet possible. Nicky & Dave already feed their dogs lovely raw food and wanted to give them treats which would only contain natural, nutritionally beneficial ingredients.  And so, Pont & Pierce was born.

Pont & Pierce developed their Original treats, using the fewest ingredients they could, and they fed them to their own dogs (the Pont & Pierce chief tasters) as well as asking their friends to try them with their dogs. The treats were a huge success, not only with the dogs but also the owners.  Their treats can be carried in a pocket without causing a mess and they smell fantastic too! As a result of such positive feedback, they started to sell them on a wider scale.


Pont & Pierce would love your dogs to try their treats so they are offering 20 chances to win a sample. To enter simply have a look at their website and answer the following questions:

  1. Name 3 ingredients used in our products
  2. Free delivery on orders over £…?

Once you have the answers fill them in on the contact form and send them into us.

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