A DOG’S LIFE podcast

April 25, 2023

By Anna Webb

Coming up in this feature I’ll be taking you on a tour of my award-nominated podcast A DOG’S LIFE. I’ll highlight some key ’conversations’ covering everything from our history with dogs, to nutrition, behaviour and training.

The podcast maps my own journey and the massive impact that many scientists, experts, friends, books, art, films, organisations and initiatives have had, and how they continue to make a difference.

Not least a recent episode with Dr Nick Thompson chatting about the recent Dog Dental Month campaign, where he revealed the secret to oral health could be in  ‘Probiotic therapy and good bacteria.

I feel so lucky that I grew up with dogs, My Dad worked for the RSPCA, and I learnt about cruelty and neglect at a young age, which certainly impacted! I realised just how amazing dogs really are, as my Podcast trailer explains:

Dogs. They’re companions, guardians, and much, much more – they complete us. And they just might save us from ourselves. I explores all levels of modern dog ownership and bring to life just why every dog is extraordinary.

I speak to scientists and experts - people who have and are changing our understanding of dogs - on everything from emotional intelligence to nutrition to behaviour, delving deep into subjects like homeopathy, telepathic communication and the pet food scandal. It's thought provoking, alternative, and not a little subversive.

The podcast launched at Crufts in 2020 with the pre-eminent scientist, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, explaining his theories on the sixth sense. How he believes the Paranormal to be normal and the supernatural to be natural.

His book: “Dogs that Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home” (and other unexplained powers of animals) made a huge impression. It clarified so much, back in 2002, when I brought Molly my first Mini Bull Terrier home. 

Rupert proved that dogs’ pickup on our intentions telepathically. He discusses his theories on ‘Morphic Resonance, and energetic fields. He also explains a dog’s uncanny ability to find their way home, their ability to sense earthquakes and alert us to danger, but also to seizures and disease. Tune in to Rupert discuss social bonds, and connections he describes like an ‘elastic band’. And how his work arguably pioneered the on-going science into dogs’ emotional intelligence.

We’ll also tune into some episodes about burning issues like legislation, regulation, sustainability and climate change and a myriad of other topics like art and literature and what this tells us of the profound history we share with dogs.

I’ll showcase conversations about Homeopathy, Photobiomodulation, and Acupuncture, and the latest on the Microbiome, the power of Herbs, and Collar-gen for dogs. In one of my recent episodes, I’m joined by Dr Jean Dodds. As a legend in the Veterinary world for dedicating over five decades to proving, amongst many things, the Duration of Immunity to vaccines. We discuss what vaccines, if any at all, your dog really need on annual basis. We chat about the difference between active and passive vaccines, and why Leptosporosis can be easily cured with anti-biotics. I’m of the view, like Dr Jean, that to test before you treat, and that includes for worms too!

A DOG’S LIFE is streaming on all platforms including Apple podcasts and Spotify. It’s free to subscribe, which means you’ll never miss a show.

Anna Webb – as a Canine Nutrition and Behaviour expert, Anna combines her psychology degree, with study at the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT) and over 20 years experience. Host of the award-nominated A DOG’S LIFE podcast, she lives in London, and is owned by Prudence a Miniature Bull Terrier and Mr Binks, a re-homed English Toy Terrier. www.annawebb.co.uk


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