General FAQ's

If you cannot find the answer to your question below call us on 01383 852742  or fill in the contact form here

How can I contact Edition Dog about my subscription?

If you need to contact us for any reason you can give us a call on our office number 01383852742 (please email if no reply) and speak to the team or contact us on our form here.

When will my subscription begin?

The first issue of your Edition Dog Magazine subscription is sent to you inside your welcome box.

How do I access my account? Portal?

Some subscribers check out without activating their account/portal (simple click of a bitton). When you receive an email invite we recommend you activate so you can manage your subscription. If you try to login and it says you are not recognised thats because you didn't activate tour portal. email us at and we will send you another invite.

Legacy subscribers (prior to March 2021) please login here on our phase one system.

 How can I cancel my subscription?

On subscribing to Edition Dog you are given access to your own portal. In there you can cancel your subscription, change your address, update payment method, skip payments plus a whole lot more. However you can also contact us to do this for you by filling in our contact form here or calling us on 01383 852742 (we are a small business so please email us if there is no reply).

Please ensure you cancel any automatic renewals at least 14 days prior to the transaction. If you have not done this on your own portal and have emailed in, please note it's only accepted as cancelled when you receive an email reply.

Recurring Payments

Please note when you signed up for a subscription to progress you digitally signed and agreed to recurring payments. This is industry standard. We recommend you activate your account so you can self manage but we are happy to assist by emailing If you do not want to subscribe you are welcome to purchase single copies P&P free in the UK.

After a payment is made our systems are updated automatically and a secure order is placed with the printer for 12 months and shipped direct. You are welcome to have the recipient changed if you no longer wish to receive the magazine. We cannot offer a refund on renewed or part used subscriptions that have not been cancelled 14 days in advance of renewal.

I have a quarterly, six month or annual subscription and I want to know when I can cancel?

Prior to cancellation of a quarterly subscription requires a minimum of FOUR payments, Six months requires two payments and annual sub requires one.

All subscriptions are for 12 months and we don't offer trials etc.

Cancelling is easy and all you have to do is manage on your portal, or you can let us know on the contact form here

My subscription has auto-renewed/reccurred and I didn't want it to.

As you have full control of your account and have the extra option to email us in advance we cannot refund automatic renewals due to admin costs.  We will cancel your next renewal. Account management is your own responsibility and automatic renewal is 100% opt in function you have opted into.

Email claims

Please note we action all received emails and respond. We are a small company who have pride in our efficiency and account management so false claims will not be tolerated. Only accept an email has been received by us if you receive a response.  There could be a dozen reasons why an email was not received by the recipient.

When does my subscription expire?

Your subscription will continue / reccur until it is cancelled. To do this as above please fill in the contact form. You will have to make the minimum term payments like any contract.   You will not be refunded for any payments that have reoccured but we will happily cancel any future subscription payments. After a payment is made our systems are updated automatically and a secure order is placed with the printer for 12 months and shipped direct. You are welcome to have the recipient changed if you no longer wish to receive the magazine.

Welcome Gifts

When you subscribe you are paying for an annual subscription. Welcome gifts are FREE and are subject to availability. Welcome offers are for first time subscribers and limited to one per person and one per household. 


I will be moving soon how do I change my address?

To change your address fill in our address change form with your name, current address and your new address. You should do this as soon as possible to avoid your magazine going to the wrong place. Access the form here

What should I do if my magazine is late or is damaged?

If this happens sent fill in the contact form and we will get in touch. Access the form here

Can I get back issues of Edition Dog Magazine?

Digital back issues can be purchased.  Print back issues are available in our shop subject to availability. All single issues come with FREE UK delivery. If you wish to purchase back issues in bulk such as four back issues or more get in touch with us and we can create you a bespoke offer. Simply call us 01383 852742

How do I contact the editors with comments or feedback?

If you have comments regarding Edition Dog editorial content or you are interested in submitting articles or photos to the magazine email

Do you make my name available to other companies?

We do not sell or share our mailing list with other companies for any reason. See our privacy policy.