Combat your dog's itch the natural way

April 19, 2023

You know the feeling, when your dog starts relentlessly scratching her itches?! Fur permeates the air and is accompanied by whimpers of pain and delight. Even dogs have hotspots.

With the warmer weather rolling in, your furries are more likely to start scratching as skin problems, such as hotspots, flair up in a balmy climate.

Bring Fluffy the relief she needs, the natural way -  with Wagawhey - a holistic skin treatment for pets made from bio-active whey.  

A cheesy beginning

The healing power of whey was first discovered by Wagawhey founder, and owner, Justin Healey when he was still a professional cheesemonger in the 90s.

“I was working alongside cheese-makers in Glastonbury and North Cadbury and had to constantly monitor and feel the texture of the pea-sized curds that lose their liquid whey as they get firmer.  After a couple of months, I noticed my hands looked and felt more youthful and rejuvenated,” said Healey. 

A neighbouring farmer suggested that Justin feed the whey, a by-product from the cheese-making process, to the Hereford cattle on the cheese farm. 

“The whey was delicious. Even the family dogs stared the cattle square in the eye at the feeding troughs every evening… determined to get their share of the yellowish green liquid. The local vet was intrigued at the condition and superb health of the herd following the introduction of their new meal supplement.”

With his interest now peaked, Healey found that the Australians had been doing research on whey enzymes in the late 90’s. Not long after that, Healey started working with a few universities in South Africa.  He was invited back for three years in a row, to the School of Nursing at the University of the Free State, where third-year nursing students used whey enzymes for projects involving wound care.

The evidence that Wagawhey naturally healed skin irritations and wounds on animals was overwhelming, and Healey registered his product with the Medicines Control Council in 2013.

Why does it work?

Wagawhey is a 100% natural enzyme activated lactoserum. The whey enzymes act naturally to combat inflammation and restore your pet’s immune system. It does this by encouraging and supporting good gut bacteria. It promotes an equilibrium in the gut by curbing the state of putrefaction that supports bad gut bacteria. This helps combat skin disorders, yeast and fungal infections. Thanks to its neutral pH, it is safe to use around the eyes and also directly on open wounds. Its action is cleansing, detoxifying and regenerative.

What causes the itch?

While some dog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, Bull Dogs, Shar-Peis, Bull Terriers and German Shepherds are prone to skin disorders, any canine can develop skin problems.

Triggers for skin problems could be exposure to toxins, over-vaccination, a warmer climate or stress, but the most common cause is diet.

“ A well-balanced diet is the key to a shiny coat and healthy skin.  The skin, being the largest organ on the dog’s body, is heavily influenced by the wellbeing of the immune system, 90% of which is governed by the health of your pet’s gut.

The gut bacteria needs to be in balance and often this involves restoring the natural gut microbiota -  the good gut bacteria which whey helps thrive while assisting with digestion and peristalsis. It also helps to balance your four-legged friend’s gut after a dose of prescribed medication such as antibiotics.”

How is it administered?

This easy-to-use powder is simply mixed with room-temperature, unchlorinated water - your pet will lap it up! It can be applied directly to the wound, cut or inflamed skin.

For best results on visibly irritated skin or a secondary infection, it is recommended to apply Wagawhey topically, as well as give it to your pet to drink. 

“This gives your pet the best of both worlds, as the whey enzyme will be working from the inside out and the outside in.”

TIP: If you have a breed with a longer, shaggy coat, it is important to try part the hair to ensure you get the product directly onto the skin. If required, use a spray bottle to bath the affected skin or wound. 

Why should you believe this?

“By working with people in the industry, engaging pet parents and allowing people to experience first-hand the relief Wagawhey can provide their four-legged friends, we aim to be the product at the top of everyone’s minds, and have had countless testimonials to prove that we are delivering on our promise. If the roles were reversed, wouldn’t your dog make the right choices for you? Man’s best friend deserves nature’s best kept secret – Wagawhey 

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