Dorwest launches BrainCopa

August 12, 2023

Award-winning herbal pet care experts at Dorwest Herbs have launched new cognitive support supplement BrainCopa®, with 90% of trial participants seeing overall improvements.

Launched on the 1st August 2023, BrainCopa®'s unique, powerful formulation helps to keep pet's minds agile by promoting normal brain and mental function, which can be especially useful in older pets experiencing cognitive decline.

With a range of scientifically proven natural ingredients, including Bacopa and DHA powder, BrainCopa® provides targeted multi-action support.

The unique and powerful formulation naturally supports senior dogs enabling them to better cope with the changes associated with ageing such as: disorientation, restlessness, altered behaviour and sleep, and house-soiling.

Ingredients include:

Bacopa monnieri - Long used in Ayurvedic medicine as a 'brain tonic', Bacopa is a powerful antioxidant which supports the central nervous system, memory and cognitivefunction.2 It can also help maintain a normal inflammatory state in the brain.

DHA powder - Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid which is vital for brain development and ongoing brain function. It has been shown to support cognitive function in older dogs and is well-tolerated and readily absorbed.1 Dorwest’s DHA powder is sourced from algae, so is super sustainable.

Calming herb lemon balm, traditionally used to aid those with sleep disturbances, Ginkgo biloba, rich in anti-oxidants and has been found to help minimise the impact of disorientation, support sleep and behavioural changes, and Vitamin E, recognised as a powerful antioxidant, helping to support optimal memory and aid DHA uptake in the brain.

The trial for BrainCopa® Tablets took place in February 2023 with a total of 21 participants, all with dogs needing different levels of cognitive support. This included a variety of breeds between ages 7 to 15 years and participants were surveyed on their dog’s symptoms before, and given a second survey on completion of the trial 28 days later. Improvements were seen by 43% of participants within 3 weeks of starting the tablets at the recommended daily dose.

90% of participants saw improvements in cognitive decline symptoms within the recommended 4 weeks.

Dorwest only uses the highest quality ingredients from sustainable sources, with all products produced to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards with extensive testing, for guaranteed quality and consistency.

Suitable for use as a whole tablet or crushed and easy to give to even the fussiest dog, BrainCopa® Tablets are now available to buy as 100, 200 or 500 pots, from RRP £19.90 at

 To find out more about Dorwest call 01308 897272 or email


Sep 29, 2023
Mrs Judith Butterfield

Looks fantastic……I have a senior golden retriever who has become unsettled and possibly vacant so wondering if your new product could improve his quality of life.

Sep 29, 2023
Jackie Nightingale

my 14 yr old is having signs of dementia.
currently he is being treated by the vet with vivitonin, which helps , plus
valerian at night.
This is working well, but by 9pm he is restless, & highly active. this isnt helpful with a 2yr old bitch that can be a bit intimidating.
Both are hungarian vizslas so not small dogs to manage, but currently all is manageable, but with the dog getting restless earlier in the evening we have to be more careful & often the young dog has to go to her bed which is a shame.
Would this product help?

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