Georgia Toffolo vows to topple ‘Big Kibble’

January 23, 2024

Georgia Toffolo vows to topple ‘Big Kibble’ as campaign to remove ‘dangerous’ glycotoxins from processed dog food kicks off.

 Founder of raw food brand Wild Pack sets sights on Parliament debate through ‘Pawtition’ for Real Petfood.

First came Big Pharma and Big Tobacco – and now, the founder of fast-growing raw feeding brand Wild Pack has identified a new ‘shadowy monopoly’ in the form of Big Kibble.

Georgia Toffolo, entrepreneur and former Queen of the Jungle, has launched a campaign to get glycotoxins – otherwise known as AGEs – removed from dry dog food, in an effort to protect dogs all over the UK from their harmful effects.

According to the team at Wild Pack, glycotoxins occur as a result of the dehydration process required to make kibble, the dry biscuit-style dog food found in households all over the UK. They contribute to a litany of ailments, including lethargy, extreme dehydration and even certain cancers.

Georgia is now calling on manufacturers of dry dog food to remove glycotoxins entirely from their products, in the hopes that it will ensure Britain’s pooches can live longer, healthier lives.

“The global pet food market was valued at $118.9 billion in 2022, and yet it’s a tiny handful of parent companies who benefit from that share,” says Georgia. “Just like in other industries, there’s a shadowy monopoly in the pet food space that has a grip on consumers, and I feel that Big Kibble being exposed is long overdue.

“We’re increasingly focused on the way that ultra-processed food impacts humans, but aren’t giving that same care and attention to our dogs’ carnivorous digestive systems – precisely because these businesses have told us for decades that the food they’re manufacturing is science-backed and safe. It’s time they got real with dog owners about what exactly is in their food, and the potential harm it can cause to animals.

“This isn’t about getting dogs all over the country to start eating Wild Pack. This is so much bigger than just my business: it’s about us sticking up for our dogs, who stick by our sides through thick and thin.”

Georgia has created a ‘Pawtition’ to get glycotoxins removed from dry food, with an aim to get the list of signatories to 100,000 in order to get the issue debated in Parliament.

Wild Pack will also be hosting a ‘Kibble Amnesty’ on 18 January from 9-10am right outside of Parliament at Parliament Square Garden – where dog owners can surrender their harmful kibble in exchange for some raw Wild Pack food, totally free of charge.

Joining Wild Pack in the campaign for ‘Real Petfood’ is canine nutritionist and dog behavioural expert, Anna Webb. Anna holds qualifications from the College of Integrated Veterinary Studies and is a member of the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society.

Anna adds: “I’ve been banging this drum for decades now, and it’s shocking that Big Kibble is still getting away with bamboozling dog owners.

“Pet food research often tests for just one or two glycotoxins and then concludes that it exists in ‘safe amounts’, which really is largely unproven. Dogs have faster metabolisms than us, meaning bad (as well as good!) ingredients can be absorbed faster into their cells.

“You can see, then, how food which contains up to 60% processed carbs and is being fed to a dog twice daily could have a serious effect over time. Increasing the amount of glycotoxins in dogs’ tissue causes damage and inflammation, and constant levels of inflammation in the body are the major contributor to all  chronic diseases that affect dogs as they age.

“Scary as it is to say, 50% of dogs are diagnosed with cancer by the age of 10. 25% suffer from allergies, and one in two are overweight.

“And if that wasn’t enough, the low moisture content of kibble puts dogs  in a near-constant state of dehydration. Dogs are physiologically over 70% water, like us, so dehydration can be very dangerous. It promotes symptoms from a lack of appetite and lethargy to a dry nose – and perhaps most seriously, it puts pressure on the kidneys. Interestingly, 1 in 10 dogs suffer from kidney disease.

“I’m really pleased to lend my voice to this important campaign. It’s time we said enough is enough!”

Wild Pack was created by Georgia after her beloved spaniel, Monty, suffered from consistent infections and bouts of inflammation. After exhausting every avenue, and racking up vet bills in the process, she decided to try changing his diet.

Once she transitioned him away from dry dog food and onto a 100% raw diet, she watched as his problems disappeared and he became his happy, energetic old self. Wild Pack was born thereafter to disrupt a broken industry and kick-start the raw feeding revolution.

Those interested in joining the ‘Get Real’ Pawtition can sign it by following this link. More details of how to get involved with the Kibble Amnesty can be found on the Wild Pack social channels @jointhewildpack.

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