Signs of dental disease

February 12, 2023

Do you know the five signs of dental disease?

Here are 5 signs of dental disease in dogs to watch for. 

  1. Bad doggy breath isn’t normal or unavoidable! It’s a sign of dental disease.
  2. Red gums: Two thirds of a dog’s tooth are under the gum line which means dental disease can live where you can’t see it.
  3. Discoloured yellow or brown teeth: without cleaning, plaque build-up start in as little as 24 hours.
  4. Excessive drool or signs of discomfort
  5. Difficulty chewing or starting to drop some of their food around their bowl.

4 out of 5 dogs have some form of dental disease by the time they are 3 years old, however as little as 2% of pet owners actually brush their pet’s teeth.*

Luckily, WHIMZEES® by Wellness all-natural daily dental treats makes dental care easy! Dogs can’t count, we know. But you can. And it really is that easy to keep your dog’s teeth healthy.


Thanks to the increased dietary fibre, WHIMZEES® by Wellness treats have a firmer structure. This firmer texture promotes a longer chew time for increased cleaning time as well as naturally helping to polish your dog’s teeth while chewing. WHIMZEES® by Wellness are proven to last 3x longer than the leading competitors: 3X longer chew time = 3 X more fun = 3X bigger smiles!


Whilst the gold standard is always brushing your dog’s teeth, WHIMZEES® by Wellness are scientifically proven to help reduce plaque, reduce tartar, freshen breath, and help gum health.**  On top of that, WHIMZEES® by Wellness are proven to be reducing 2x more plaque than the leading competitor.


Implementing a daily dental preventative routine can result in veterinary bills being eliminated or greatly reduced. Plaque can accumulate in as little as 24 hours so just like us it is important to support your dog’s teeth with a dental chew every day to keep their teeth healthy. Thanks to its 100% natural ingredients, WHIMZEES® by Wellness are perfect for daily use: they are vegetarian, hypoallergenic & low in fat and calories.***

Don’t forget to choose the right size!

Available in 4 different fun shapes – Toothbrush, Hedgehog, Alligator & Stix.

WHIMZEES® by Wellness Puppy Chews are also available for puppies aged over 3 months. Did you know that Waiting until a puppy is 6 months to brush their teeth is like waiting until a child is almost 8 years old?!

As a brand committed to innovation and dental health superiority, the WHIMZEES® by Wellness Toothbrush has achieved VOHC Acceptance for Tartar and Plaque Reduction in Dogs.

You can find WHIMZEES® by Wellness available instore at Pets & Friends or online and in all good pet shops.

*American Pet Products Association

**Based on studies of comparable products conducted by an independent kennel

***Low in calories excludes rice bone

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