Issue 41

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Inside this issue we discover exactly how powerful your dog’s nose is, and find out if they really can smell where you have been. We also look at the causes of heart disease and hear the latest treatments for cancer from a specialist oncology vet. Also included is our Essential Guide to Crufts with everything you need to know about the event, whether you are exhibiting at the event, attending as a spectator or watching from the comfort of your sofa.

Features include

    • The dog's nose 
    • A struggling heart
    • Should you add oils to your dog's diet?
    • Advances in veterinary oncology
    • Dog's and cognitive development
    • Performance nutrition
    • The Essential Crufts Guide
    • How the world’s largest dog show came to be
    • The journey to Crufts: Qualifying for the green carpet
    • The Crufts winning top 5
    • Edition Dog Debates: The World’s Greatest Dog Show
    • Chew on this; the latest news from the dog world
    • First Aid Pull Out
    • Breed Focus:The Nova Scotia
    • Dog Games and Training
    • pooch products
    • Competitions and offers
    • + more

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Issue 41 is published on the 28th February