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Our magazine is a great addition to the products you offer your customer in your pet store or groomers. The minimum order each month is 10 copies plus you only pay for the magazines that you sell. 

How it Works

We deliver the magazines when published using a courier or first-class post. We try to minimise the number of deliveries and consolidate magazine despatches where possible. You will receive a delivery note and returns form for your records.

We issue an invoice for the number of copies delivered. This is because the items have transferred into your hands and you become liable for them. Invoices are payable on 30 day terms.

When the next issue of a publication is sent you have 30 days to make your returns of unsold magazines. We do NOT want the whole magazine back – only the masthead showing the title and the issue number / date. Please cut these off and send them back to us in the post. You must use the returns form to apply for credit. You can also use the returns form to modify future orders. Remember, it is sale or return so there is no financial risk to you if you wish to trial a title, but we can’t credit returns after the 30 day deadline. Return deadline dates are shown on each invoice sent out. 

We will apply your approved credit and this will appear on your statement which will be sent to you at the end of each month. 

To register to become a stockist complete your details in the form and we will get in touch. Alternatively you can call us on 01383 852742

Thank you

The Edition Dog Team

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