Caroline Hearn   MICHT, IIHHT, Dip ICAT, Dip MLD

Caroline is a sports and remedial massage therapist qualified to treat canine, equine and human patients. She has run her own clinic for the past eleven years and a completely holistic approach is always taken as this ensures a more successful outcome and long term management of an existing condition. She has worked closely with holistic vets and other professional therapists and has seen the extraordinary transformation of both animals and people when lifestyle, diet, emotions and appropriate exercise are taken into account and positive changes included within the treatment plan.

A lifelong obsession with dogs, passion for holistic healthcare, natural nutrition and foraging in the countryside lead her to form the company Hedgerow Hounds which makes organic nutritive herbal blends for dogs.

She has written a raw feeding study course for the ISCP of which she is an affiliate and also works alongside a raw dog food company .