Jennifer Dow


Jennifer has had a long passion for dogs which began in very early childhood when she longed for a dog. At the age of 12 and after much persuasion her parents welcomed into the family a 6 year old Cairns Terrier named Della. Jennifer loved walking her all over the town proudly showing her off to everyone who passed. 

As soon as she owned her first home it was filled with dogs, a black Labrador named Willow and a German Shepherd named Blaine. Sadly Blaine passed away at the age of only 2 years and 5 months old with a rare genetic condition. Looking back this heartbreak was also the first spark of a growing interest in dog health issues. 

Moving on many many years, well not that many but some, Jennifer now has two Irish Setters in her family, Otto and Lily, both of which are the greatest company and Jennifer enjoys spending as much time with them as possible out in the forests and fields where she lives. 

It is from this passion for dogs and her love of making sure they are cared for as much as any other part of the family that Edition Dog Magazine was founded. 



One of Jennifer, Lily and Otto's favourite walks.