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Edition Dog Magazine 

Issue 2 now available

The team at Edition Dog Magazine are delighted to share the news that Issue 2 is now. Our magazines are 100 pages and are full of in-depth and detailed information written by professionals. Each of our features focuses on your dog's health and wellbeing. Mix this with a dash of light-hearted stories and activities and you have what we feel is the perfect dog magazine. 

In Issue 2:

  • IQ and Your Dog - how you can test your dog’s IQ and how you can improve it.
  • Feeding Raw Bones: the do’s, the don’ts and the alternatives.
  • Mental Stimulation: How to alleviate your dog’s boredom by keeping their mind active
  • Making a dog’s dinner out of Christmas! How your dog can still enjoy a festive meal
  • We take an in-depth look at health issues: Issue 2- Hip Dysplasia
  • Dog Years: Part 2: Early breeds in Asia
  • The Science of Socialisation
  • Find out all you need to know about the German Shepherd
  • To Rescue or not to Rescue
  • Preparing your dog for winter
  • First Aid Pull Out
  • Lifestyle – Canicross
  • Ask the Vet Team – your questions answered
  • Recipes and crafts - make things for your dog to enjoy
  • New products - the latest things to buy for your dog
  • Dog games - fun activities to enjoy and bond for you and your dog