Lee Connor

Having spent all his life with GSDs, Rottweilers, Dachshunds and Boston Terriers, Lee has always been a lover of all things 'dog' and is a fierce advocate of the pedigree dog and dog health and welfare.

Lee is a regular columnist for leading US magazine, Canine Chronicle, specialising in dog breed history. He has also written for other canine publications worldwide including Dog World (as their media correspondent), as well as currently writing for a number of wildlife and lifestyle magazines.

Passionate about dog showing with his 'Conchur' affix, he currently owns Alfie and Otto (Dachshunds) and Lola and Pebbles (Boston Terriers). Alfie has a second job as a TV star and has played the part of 'Stanley' in the Vitality adverts since 2015. In that time Alfie has filmed with various celebrities as well as travelling to South Africa.