Canine Psychology Book

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"Canine Psychology" is a definitive guide for dog owners and enthusiasts, inviting you to dive into the world of canine psychology. With a blend of insights and facts this book is an essential resource for nurturing a deeper, more empathetic relationship with your dog.  

This printed book explores the evolutionary roots of modern dogs, their unique sensory perceptions, communication methods, and emotional complexities, plus much more.
Topics covered include:

  • The Evolutionary Path of Canine Cognition
  • The World Through a Dog's Eyes (and Nose)
  • From Instinct to Intelligence
  • The Canine Personality and Emotional Life
  • Learning and Memory
  • Friendship Formation
  • Understanding Ageing in Dogs
  • Understanding Canine Pain
  • Understanding Sleep Patterns and Dreams
  • Canine Attention
  • Enhancing Dog Wellbeing Through Psychology.

The book is authored by Jennifer Dow, who is the editor of Edition Dog Magazine. Jennifer's extensive educational background includes both a BSc(Hons) Psychology and an MSc in Forensic Psychology. With over 15 years of experience as a lecturer in psychology, Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the book. 

Canine Psychology was published on the 31st March 2024