Issue 23: Edition Dog Magazine

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Issue 23: published on the 27th August 2020. Our magazines are 100 pages and are full of in-depth and detailed information written by professionals. Each of our features focuses on your dog's health and wellbeing. Mix this with a dash of light-hearted stories and activities and you have what we feel is the perfect dog magazine.  

  • Are all rewards equal?

  • Red flags: Dogs in danger!

  • A guide to joint supplements

  • Preventing repetitive strain injury in dogs

  • Health Focus: The Science of Reproduction

  • The health benefits of grooming your dog

  • Edition Dog Debates: A lesson from the Rottweiler              

  • Turning your passion for dogs into a business            

  • Not all therapy dogs are lap dogs

  • The Sealyham Terrier  

  • First Aid Pull Out: Ear Conditions

  • Breed Focus: The Golden Retriever            

  •  Recipes                           

  • Dog Training - Habits: the good and the bad

  • Pooch Products

  • + more