Issue 24: Edition Dog Magazine

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Issue 24: published on the 24th September 2020. Our magazines are 100 pages and are full of in-depth and detailed information written by professionals. Each of our features focuses on your dog's health and wellbeing. Mix this with a dash of light-hearted stories and activities and you have what we feel is the perfect dog magazine.

* Is your dog’s walk a bestseller? Part one                      

* Safe as houses?                

* Diabetes in dogs                

* Improving welfare, reducing stress                                 

* Conscientious owner or over-worrier?                       

* Puppy Blues

* Edition Dog Debates: The final curtain call       

* Caring for a double coat                           

* The Havanese                    

* The Working Minority Breed Club                                   

* Flees this summer?                        

* Prepare to be relaxed                    

* First Aid Pull Out: Mouth Conditions: signs and treatment

* Breed Focus: The Mixed Breed Celebration                             

* Ask the Vet Team sponsored by Natures Menu                       

* Recipe: Eggs & why they are great for our dogs!                

* Dog Games and Training: Recognising Learning Styles in our dogs 

* Pooch Products

* + More