Issue 25

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Inside this issue we feature the second part in our series on making sure your dog’s walk is a best seller, look closer fear which is the most misunderstood dog emotion, we try to help you sort out the best from the rest in relation to dog food, we explain the dangers faced when your dog feels decision fatigue, we look at gender stereotypes of dog breeds and ask can you really have the perfect work-life-dog balance?

Full contents

  • Is your dog’s walk a bestseller? Part two: The middle
  • Fearful 
  • Complete and complementary dog foods           
  • Labels: a useful construct?                       
  • Decision Fatigue                                
  • Work, dog, life and balance          
  • Edition Dog Debates: A proper dog        
  • Health Focus: Cushing’s Disease           
  • Body wraps and pressure vests               
  • Edition Spotlight: Felicity Kendal             
  • Newfound Friends                          
  • Chew on this                                                
  • First Aid Pull Out                                                     
  • Breed Focus: The Chihuahua                  
  • Ask the insurer, Bought by Many                         
  • Recipes: Autumn Stew                                 
  • Dog Games and Training                                      
  • Pooch Products
  • + More