Issue 26

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We invite you to order issue 26 of Edition Dog Magazine.

Inside this issue we complete our series on making your dog's walk a bestseller, we look at the ways that your dog's diet influences their behaviour, find out the impact of creative grooming on our best friends, debate pedigree dogs, delve deep into two health conditions; Addison's Disease and Idiopathic head tremors and ask what does dog friendly actually mean?

Contents include:

  • Is your dog's walk a bestseller? Part three: the end
  • Dogs in cars
  • Diet and your dog's behaviour
  • What does dog friendly mean?
  • How much should you feed your dog? A vet's perspective
  • The creative grooming craze
  • Edition Dog Debates: Are pedigree dogs worth it?
  • Idiopathic head tremors
  • Health Focus: Addison's Disease
  • Dogs for Good
  • Animal Essentials
  • First Aid Pull Out: Paws
  • Breed Focus: The Scottish Terrier
  • Recipe: Winter Broth
  • Dog Games and Training
  • Pooch Products
  • + More

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