Issue 27

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Inside this issue we explore the slow dog movement, offer hints for dogs with sensitivities, explain the impact of loud noises on your dog’s hearing, discuss the impact of the social hit and run, debate the judgement of pedigree dogs, find out the symptoms and treatments of hypothyroidism, argue against the bad press that deaf dogs receive, discuss the importance of sleep and ask can cats and dogs really live in harmony? 

Contents include: 

  • Just how important is sleep for your dog?                                 
  • The slow dog movement               
  • Helpful hints for dogs with sensitivities   
  • Listen up                               
  • Can dogs and cats truly coexist?                              
  • The social hit and run        
  • Edition Dog Debates: Fit for function                  
  • Health Focus: Hypothyroidism                 
  • Deaf dogs ARE great pets            
  • Schnuazerfest                     
  • Bravehound                         
  • Dog grooming is booming             
  • Edition Spotlight: Bernadette Peters
  • First Aid Pull Out: Kennel Cough
  • Breed Focus: The Whippet
  • Recipes: Turkey and Cranberries Muffins          
  • Dog Games and Training                                      
  • Pooch Products
  • + More

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