issue 29

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Inside this issue we discuss the one of the most divisive topics in dog care; the crate debate. As the weather changes we wonder if it is now the right time to change your dog walk, we explore all the benefits of increase your dog’s fibre intake, explain why we should in fact treat our dogs like our babies, look ahead at the trouble the puppy surge will cause, discuss the impact of vets in lockdown on our dog’s medical care and ask is taking our dogs into schools a help or a hindrance?

Contents include:

  • The crate debate                            
  • Spring forward                     
  • Fabulous fibre.        
  • School dogs                         
  • Visiting a vet in lockdown  
  • Treat them like children     
  • Edition Dog Debates: There may be trouble ahead.      
  • The dog owner’s guide to canine eye health     
  • The Emmett Technique                 
  • Compensatory injuries                  
  • Dog A.I.D
  • The growing decline of the English Mastiff Breed         
  • Secret life of the vet                        
  • First Aid Pull Out: Parvo Virus (CPV) & Leptospirosis
  • Breed Focus: The Toy Poodle     
  • Recipes: sweet potato bites               
  • Dog Games and Training: 3 minutes! Concentration, environments & distractions
  • Pooch Products
  • + More

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