Issue 30

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Inside this issue we take a closer look at the superfoods your dog needs to eat, explore the growing interest in studying our dog’s walking behaviour, look at how we can ensure our raw feeding is mindful of the environment and animal welfare, find out if Anna Webb’s dog Prudence manages to sniff out truffles, explain the role personality plays in the breed of dog you love, Lee Connor shares his experience of trying to find a rental with his dogs and we ask is ball play beneficial for our dogs’ welfare?

Contents include:

  • Do dogs need a routine?                           
  • The heart of the walk                     
  • Superfoods for dogs
  • Ball play – is it really good for our dogs?           
  • Mindful raw feeding
  • Does your personality influence the breed of dog you own?  
  • Edition Dog Debates: No dogs       
  • Prudence and Truffles                   
  • Signing in                 
  • Getting ready for Easter                                        
  • Study Finds that Dogs are Human’s Oldest Friend      
  • First Aid Pull Out: Fleas
  • Breed Focus: The Rottweiler        
  • Recipes: Meatballs & Spaghetti                  
  • Dog Games and Training: Management – it isn’t just about training
  • Pooch Products
  • + More

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