Issue 34

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Inside this issue we look at the serious side of the sock thief, help you identify the early warning signs your dog is unwell, explore the HPA axis and how it relates to your dog’s skin health, delve into the topic of trigger stacking, look at ways to create safety and trust in relationship with your dog, sniff out the benefits of the dog- friendly sport that is taking over the world and ask can a dog survive and thrive on a vegan diet? 


  • The Serious Side of the Sock Stealer            
  • Unwell: identifying the early warning signs
  • Dangerous Foods for Dogs
  • The HPA Axis in the Skin
  • Is social media compromising canine welfare?
  • What Is Trigger Stacking?
  • Edition Dog Debates: The vegan dog and the slippery slope
  • Creating safety and trust in the canine relationship
  • Canicross: The dog-friendly sport taking over the world
  • Summer safety
  • Looking after the bite                        
  • Chew on this; the latest news from the dog world
  • First Aid Pull Out: Heat stroke
  • Breed Focus: The Italian Greyhound
  • Recipe: Banana Smoothie               
  • Dog Games and Training                                             
  • Pooch Products
  • Competitions and offers
  • + more

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