Issue 35

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Inside this issue we explain why hand signalling isn’t just for deaf dogs and offer some tips on how to teach your dog to respond to your hand signals. We look at the impact of introducing a puppy to your household and what should be considered before taking the plunge. We try to find out if small dog syndrome really exists, explain why it’s important to learn the basics of holistic grooming at home, discuss your dog's blood test results and how to interpret them plus we highlight the key hydrosols for your dog. 

We also ask provide the answer to three questions; can our dogs ever be wrong? Should we stop trying to ‘correct’ our dogs? Are breed-specific events the best thing to come from social media? and ask you do you know a strong core is beneficial for your dog?


  • Can our dogs ever be wrong?           
  • The puppy plunge
  • The importance of hand signal training
  • Small dog syndrome: dispelling the myth
  • Core exercises for dogs
  • What Is Trigger Stacking?
  • Understanding your dog's blood results - haematology
  • Edition Dog Debates: Common Ground
  • The best teacher
  • Detection dogs: breaking the norm
  • Hydrosols for pets                        
  • Chew on this; the latest news from the dog world
  • First Aid Pull Out: Heat stroke
  • Breed Focus: The Italian Greyhound
  • Recipe: Banana Smoothie               
  • Dog Games and Training                                             
  • Pooch Products
  • Competitions and offers
  • + more

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