Issue 45

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Inside this issue we explain how your dog can pick up on and understand your body movements, find out if our dogs truly do love us unconditionally, offer a specialist insight into two autoimmune diseases, share the story of the dogs massacred in war, explain the top tips to keeping your anxious dog safe and happy on holiday and ask does our great expectations of dogs lead them to be rehomed?.

Contents include
  • Great expectations
  • Understanding human body language            
  • Does my dog love me?
  • Every day is a dog day
  • When the immune system goes wrong
  • Edition Dog Debates: The dog and cat massacre 
  • Edition Dog Live 2022
  • Taking your anxious dog on holiday
  • Dental masterclass
  • Charity focus: National PUG Protection Trust                      
  • Growing a dog walking business
  • The dangers of rawhide
  • Chew on this: Catch up on the latest news from the dog world.
  • First Aid Pull Out: Summer safety
  • Edition Dog Product Spotlight
  • + more                      

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