Issue 51

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Inside this issue we take a look at the instincts of the carnivore lurking underneath your dog’s cuddly exterior. We explain why aversive tools are never the answer to any behaviour problem, discuss why one canine exercise does not fit all and find out why sleep startles do not mean your dog is aggressive. We also highlight the importance of choosing your words wisely, especially if you are a dog trainer and explore how emotional trauma is stored in your dog’s fascia.  

Contents include
  • A predator in our mist
  • No answers here
  • One exercise for all?
  • Dog sleep and starts
  • Emotional trauma in storage
  • The language of dog training
  • The importance of vision in training
  • School dogs: considering wellbeing for all?
  • Could meditation change your dog's behaviour?
  • The 12 ways of Christmas
  • What is air dried food?
  • Charity focus: Recovery Assistance Dogs
  • Chew on this: the latest news from the dog world
  • First aid pull out: Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Breed focus: Airedale Terrier
  • Reader discounts 
  • Dog games and training 
  • + More
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