Issue 62

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Inside this issue we explore the reason for the different attachment styles of dogs, look at how we can manage skin allergies at home, explain the five different skin types and share with you how you can identify your dogs. We also look at how you can ensure your sofa snuggles with your dog are risk free.

Contents include.

  • The glue that binds us
  • Understanding allergies: part two
  • Taking the 'ouch' out of the couch!
  • Do the drugs work?
  • Why do dogs need enrichment 
  • Do you understand?
  • Are antibiotics necessary?
  • Sleeping cosy and clean
  • Charity Focus: Dog A.I.D 
  • Growling
  • A DOG’S LIFE podcast   
  • Readers Spotlight: we share one of our readers & their dog’s health stories.
  • Christmas Hamper 2023 Competition                 
  • The Edition Dog Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide                  
  • Chew on this: catch up on the latest news from the dog world.
  • First Aid Pull Out: Winter safety tips
  • Breed Focus: The Cairn Terrier    
  • Pooch Products
  • + More

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