Issue 66

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Issue 66 of this publication celebrates the profound bond between humans and dogs, beginning with gratitude for those who visited their stand at Crufts 2024. The issue explores various aspects of dogs' lives, from truffle-hunting dogs to breed-specific care needs, emphasizing the importance of enriching their lives beyond the basics. It delves into dogs' ability to recognize members of their own breed and investigates whether dogs exhibit enduring personality traits. Throughout, the publication reminds readers of the joy, loyalty, and companionship dogs bring to our lives, positioning them not just as pets but cherished family members. With a focus on the extraordinary bond between humans and dogs, the issue invites readers to immerse themselves in the captivating world of canine companionship.

Contents include

  • Noble Noses               
  • More than the sum of parts               
  • A Winning Combination                                 
  • Unleashing Wellness              
  • Decoding the scent code                               
  • Paws and personalities                                   
  • Crufts 2024    
  • The Puppy Paradigm                          
  • Mastering Manners                            
  • Blueprint for growth                          
  • Perfect Pumpkin Treat   
  • Beyond the Brush                   
  • Unfur-gettable            
  • Puppy Grooming: looking great for life          
  • A DOG’S LIFE podcast   
  • Ask the Vet Team                   
  • Chew on this: Catch up on the latest news from the dog world.
  • First Aid Pull Out: Infectious hepatitis.
  • Breed Focus: The Australian Shepherd                      
  • Pooch Products
  • + More
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