Issue 67

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Welcome to a very special issue of our magazine. This edition is dedicated to someone who embodies the spirit of resilience and love - my Irish Setter, Alice. Recently, Alice has faced a significant challenge, one that has tested her strength and ours: acute kidney failure. As she recovers at home we are reminded of the preciousness of health, the strength of spirit, and the deep bonds we share with our dogs.

Let’s embrace the stories within these pages, inspired by Alice’s resilience and sheer determination to return home, and let them remind us of the power of love, and the importance of cherishing every moment.

Contents include

  • Senior dogs and herbs. The perfect partnership.          
  • Golden gears                       
  • Attitudes of change                         
  • The emotional impact of animal cruelty online  
  • Respect, Connect & Protect                      
  • How did your dog sleep last night?          
  • So, you have a Gundog!!               
  • The Canine Genetics Centre Needs YOU!!  
  • Travelling with older dogs              
  • Ask the Vet Team: Nutrition for the senior dog
  • Edition Dog Live                  
  • Acute Kidney
  • A DOG’S LIFE podcast   
  • What is the difference?                  
  • Chew on this: Catch up on the latest news from the dog world.
  • First Aid Pull Out: Pyometra
  • Breed Focus: Alaskan Klee Kai                
  • Pooch Products
  • +More

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