Issue 68

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Welcome to our latest issue, where we explore the intricate bond between humans and dogs. From breaking stereotypes to identifying signs of acute kidney failure, we delve into the diverse facets of canine companionship, offering insights, advice, and heartwarming stories along the way.

Contents include

  • Ditch the Label?                  
  • Break the Tension  
  • The Climate of Skin Change         
  • Skinful of Bacteria               
  • Acute Kidney Failure: spotting the signs
  • Paws and Balance
  • Paws and People                
  • Legal Protection: the shared fate of us and our dogs.
  • English Cocker Spaniels Under the Lens           
  • Creating a Dog-Friendly Garden for the Summer         
  • A DOG’S LIFE podcast   
  • Charity Focus: Together for Animals       
  • Practice makes Permanent                       
  • From bone to supplements                         
  • Chew on this: Catch up on the latest news from the dog world.
  • First Aid Pull Out: Dog Bites
  • Breed Focus: The Curly Coated Retriever         
  • Pooch Products
  • + MORE

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